Austin & Adrien Young

Austin and Adrien Young have been in Rainbow since February 2019.
Austin was working for the State of TN as an equipment mechanic and Adrien was working for a local factory. They purchased a Rainbow in February of 2018 and were not recruited out of the home. They accidently came into the business in search of an attachment for our Rainbow that we bought a year prior. Austin decided to go full time with Rainbow in June of 2019. Since joining the Rainbow team Austin was appointed to the position of Trainer and began to grow a team. Austin and Adrien became a Group Sales Director in November 2019 and qualified for Area Distributor in February 2020. Rainbow has given them the opportunity to change lives and make an impact on the futures of others.

Michael & Emily Anglin

Satellite Distributor

Michael Anglin started Rainbow in 1997 at the age of 17 and has been in the business for 23 years. His wife Emily joined him in the business in 2009. Michael’s parents, Keith and Denise Anglin started in the business when Michael was a child. Michael and Emily have a combined family of 6 children. Their home office is in Jackson TN.
Michael and Emily love helping families breath clean water washed air and changing lives!

Brett & Amanda Bartholomew

Rainbow has saved my oldest son Seth James from a lifetime of respiratory illness. Within a matter of weeks of us owning the Rainbow and having he Rainmate in his room, his pulmonologist took him off 4 inhalers and 9 medications.
I was already doing Rainbow’s Equity Program part time along with my full time HR job in Memphis TN. With the great health experience the Rainbow brought to my home and family I decided then to make Rainbow my full time job in November 2018.
My Husband Brett joined Rainbow part time June 2019 after attending the World Meeting. Brett is a full time crew leader lineman for Chickasaw Electric Cooperation.

David & Billie Jean Perry

Billie Jean started her Rainbow career like many with earning her machine in the Equity Program. Her experience learned through this program landed her the position of Marketing Director with Anglin Inc. (Keith and Denise Anglin). During her time at the Lexington, Tennessee store, she earned the prestigious Sandi Award her very first month at the desk. Michael and Emily took leadership of Jackson Tn store in June 2019. Billie Jean was doing part time sales at this time and they asked her to join them as Marketing Director.
Future goals for Billie Jean with Rainbow is to one day work for Rexair as a consultant.

Happy Customers

"I have purchased 6 Rainbows over the years for my family and friends. I run the Rainbow in my home and clinic 24/7 and highly recommend them to all my patients that suffer from allergies, asthma and breathing problems. I love being able to say that I have the cleanest clinic in Jackson TN.”
Dr. Michael BrileyFamily MD Primary Care Specialist - South Jackson TN
“I absolutely love my rainbow! It cleans up all the dog hair & it cuts down on the dusting. I also have a central vac and it doesn’t even compare. I can vacuum with my central vacuum and think the floors are clean and go back with the rainbow and it’s totally dirty. Great purchase!”
Ruby Wildridgeowner of Wildridge Machine LLC Lexington, TN
“Rainbow has saved my son Seth James from a lifetime of respiratory illness. He's come off of 4 inhalers and 9 medications within a matter of weeks of us owning the Rainbow.” Amanda & Brett Bartholomew- Brett worked for Chickasaw Electrical & she worked for Varsity Spirit and now works full time Rainbow as a group leader . Somerville, TN
Amanda & Brett Bartholomew
"I bought my Rainbow back in 2015 and have used it faithfully. I am a severe asthmatic and i have really nasty allergies and during the daytime when everyone runs in and out the front door, i run it next to the front door all day to cut down on dust and other allergens for getting to far into my home and doing this i have cut down on my trips to my allergy and asthma Dr and cut down on my daily dusting."
Sharon Nicks EddlemonI love my Rainbow!